Video Tutorial – 4 Best TRX Abdominal Exercises – 5 min Workout

4 Best TRX AB Exercises with a TRX Suspension Trainer – Advanced

This week we follow up our TRX Series with some hardcore abdominal exercises. These exercises could take you 5 minutes or they could take you 30 minutes. Go at your own pace. No need to power through anything, and as always this video comes from our youtube channel where we release a new fitness-based video every Friday.

If you head over to our Youtube channel you will see the other videos in this series. At the time of this posting, we've finished 6 TRX Suspension Trainer videos and have 4 others filmed, some with the TRX RIP trainer. To show you the many aspects of these bodyweight exercises.

As we have said in many other exercises if you have any questions regarding these exercises, please reach out and someone will respond promptly. We are here to help.

So let's get into the workout. Like I mentioned before, go at your own pace.  So Thomas is showing you how to do it. I know he makes it look easy.

What we would recommend is to watch the video, then follow through with this post. It will help you to understand it a bit better. Then your also not breaking all the time.

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  1. Variation V-Sit: Lie down and put your hands in the straps. Do a reverse hip pump straight into a V-Sit.
  2. TRX Windshield WipersHands starting in the pushup position, put your feet in the TRX loops. Hike your hips up, making sure your core is engaged.  Pleas go slow and focus on your breathing.
  3. Plank Variation: Continuing with your feet in the TRX. Start with your elbows planted, and glide up to where your hands are securely planted on the floor. Now do it in reverse. Make sure your core is engaged. (It helps immensely)
  4. Plank Variation to Knees: Continuing on. Hands securely on the ground. Knees together. Swing your knees to one elbow, then to the next elbow. Making sure your core is engaged the entire time. Remember to breathe.


  • TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Floor Mat

With this workout try to get to 12-15 repetitions on each side. If you can't do it it's ok. Practice makes perfect. As with all workouts, make sure to warm up beforehand. Listen to your body and modify as needed, stopping altogether if something doesn’t feel right.




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