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Hi, I'm Jesse and welcome to The Healthy Transformation.

Im a hairstylist by trade, but Ive done a lot in my life. Worked in the fitness and nutrition fields, I was an event planner and I was even in the construction field. From a teenager I knew that I was destined for something. Over the years, Ive worked plenty of different roles in different areas of the world. Over these years I've met a lot of great people, read quite a few books and have been in the presence of some great leaders.

I often told myself that a persons wealth didn't have to be a dollar value, but rather a wealth in connections and memories. Someone who lives an extraordinary life vs. someone who saves every penny, I feel, will have a lot more to tell his grandkids.

Although now I feel like I am on the top of my game, A wealth in connections, evolving and learning as much as I can. As well, everything seems to be going right. That wasn't always the case.

Rewind just a few short years a go. I was down on my luck. Had a dad-body without the kids and was surrounded by people that I shouldn't of been around. Negativity was surrounding me. I had just turned 35, woke up one morning and thought to myself. "What am I doing with my life?"

Up to my eyeballs in debt, felt lonely and trapped. I started on my new journey. I started taking a nutritional product called Isagenix. Within a few short weeks, I felt like a lightbulb had turned on. I never turned back. Debt Free is a good feeling, and I feel stronger and more athletically fit then when I was 24.

When your at a point in your life where nothing is going right. You realize who your friends really are. The people who went silent, surprised me. But the few that came out of the wood work was really surprising.

Through this I started up this company and The Healthy Transformation was born.

Think of it all as, my way of paying it forward. Im sharing other people's stories to help them get out there. Helping who I call "The Master's of their own Craft." (which is Personal Trainers, RMT's, Sensei's, Masters and Instructors.) Share their love for their art, through my film making and network experience to help others amongst themselves get discovered.

Also through my teachings, life lessons and multiple courses. I'm building a community of like minded professionals to help as many people as we can.

The mission of The Healthy Transformation is to take you from "I think I can, to I know I can." Becoming a better version of yourself is possible. We hope to motivate and inspire you in every way we can.