4 Best TRX Leg Exercises for Explosive Strength

TRX one leg squat

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4 Best TRX Leg Exercises for Athletes

In this weeks video tutorial Thomas will be working on more TRX high-intensity interval training. Everyone has been asking for TRX leg exercises, so we will be focusing on the lower body for explosive power. So explosive that, these exercises are targeted at Athletes. We're really targeting more towards your athletic explosive fast twitch muscle fibers.

We are going to be working one side unilateral exercises. There are loads of different ways you can do this, depending on your level of intensity, you may want to do it time-based, say 30 seconds per leg or you could even have it on a repetition count depending on what your focus is.

Athletes Training using the TRX

If your an athlete and it's preseason, higher repetitions, maybe lower your load. If you're looking for more strength gains, increase that load and then keep the repetitions lower. Really it's open for you to choose. We're going to focus in on those movements and making sure you can do this officially and effectively now.

TRX How to

All right, because some of these as I've said are unilateral, we want to show you how to set the TRX system up. You're going to pass that a one handle straight through the V-shape and then back through on itself, twice and then that should create a nice solid V-shape with the one strap.



TRX jump squatTRX leg lunge with an explosive knee tuck. Really making sure that you're jumping to your level, your ability.

Always maintain the tension in your back as you would with a lunge. Taking that hip back and then driving straight up. You want to leave the ground forcefully to create a big powerful knee tuck up in the air. Landing softly and straight back into the next repetition.


trx legs shoulders2.

Now, the next exercise we've got, your hands are in the straps. We're going to have one leg on the ground. We're working our 0verhead single-legged squat. We have a big focus here, to make sure our shoulders and down and back engaging through the lower trapezius and the rhomboids, keeping your hands up. Arms nice and straight. When we drop down into our squat, we're maintaining your foot flat on the ground, taking your hips back and down, to your range of motion. Your other leg straight as you can.

If you can't do this, try with a bent leg and don't go down as far. Work at your own pace. 

3.trx speed skater

Hands in the straps, we're now doing Explosive Speed Skaters. A more technical name for this leg exercise would be a unilateral explosive jump side by side. With this exercise, we rely on our hands in the straps. We want to make sure that we're keeping the knee stacked in line with the toe which you can see as I perform this.


For the fourth leg exercise, you're going to set up 90 degrees to the rig, turning yourself to be sideways from the rig. With one leg resting in the strap. We're going to be really challenging ourselves here. Slowly lower onto your one leg that isn't in the TRX. Making sure your back is straight and your knee doesn't go over your toes. Keeping yourself in line.  Really pushing your hamstrings and your glutes with this exercise. 

TRX one leg squatWe're making sure that we're keeping our weight distributed evenly over that standing leg. Again, keeping your knee aligned with the second and third toe and just dropping down to my comfort zone, my range of motion. For Tom, that's around 90 degrees at his hip. Some athletes may even be able to go a little lower with that.


We would recommend going through these four exercises, both sides of the body at least two to four times giving yourself about two-minute rest between each exercise.

You can hit both legs back to back, that's how he did it. We'd love to hear how that worked for you and what a burn you've got. If there's any questions or recommendations of things that you want to see.

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**Next week we will be doing a focus on TRX leg exercises for beginners. Stay tuned!




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