Coaching — 5 Min Read

B78 Endurance Hub is up

Coaching — 5 Min Read

B78 Endurance Hub is up!

I've been busy filming the videos that you will receive weekly from the B78 Coaching staff. I've loved every minute of creating this content, because it has allowed me to connect with leading coaches and experts in their fields, to not only learn from everyday but to actually understand what to do when I'm out on the bike.  The program was created so people can access intel, training programs, and strength programming all in one place.

Members of the B78 Endurance Hub will have access to weekly master classes. Every week we will release a new master class on a range of topics that will help you maximize your experience on your endurance sport journey. Our presenters are leaders in their space and the knowledge you will gain from them will be a huge boost.

Members will also have access to over 40 programs for swimming, biking, running and triathlon. Our programs have been designed and created by the B78 coaching team. Ranging in length from 2 to 12 weeks you’ll find everything you need to tackle your endurance goals. Programs will have different focuses allowing you to piece together what you need for the year.

Master classes are currently with Jasper Blake, Janelle Morrison, Kim McQueen, and Shannon Thompson, and we have programs from our base of expert coaches.

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