Why Strength Training WON’T Make You A Bodybuilder

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Why Strength Training WON’T Make You A Bodybuilder

Hello Ladies! For this first topic, I wanted to address a concern I hear from many women every day. One of the most popular questions my clients ask is “Won’t I get too muscular?”, and the answer is no! Unless you want to be a bodybuilder, I promise you won’t get too muscular from strength training and here’s why…

The Why

Let’s take a peek into a typical strength training and nutrition program for a female bodybuilder. Almost every day of the week, they are training extremely heavy for hours, possibly even twice a day. In order to have that shredded look, they must also have a very low body fat percentage. Often meaning they are doing fasted cardio each morning. As for nutrition, in order to gain such a high amount of muscle mass, you have to eat a lot, and eat a specific way. Their diets are very strict and contain high amounts of protein (the macronutrient your muscles use to grow). Training to be a bodybuilder is rigorous, specific, and takes a lot of time each day and over the course of many months. It is definitely a commitment and if that is not your goal, it won’t be your outcome.

Strength Training

Now I’d also like to give some information for why strength training is actually really great for you, as well as some of the benefits that come along with it. First of all, if you are trying to lose weight, lifting will burn calories just as cardio will. It will also build up your muscle mass, which will, in turn, increase your metabolism, helping you to burn even more fat. I also have lots of women who are working out with the goal of getting “toned”. In order to achieve this, you’ll want to gain some muscle definition.

If you go on any social media platform you’ll see an endless amount of photos of fitness models. Almost all of which are on strength training programs to achieve their physique. Although I do not think comparing ourselves to others is healthy as we all have different body compositions, bone structure, digestive systems, etc…, it is okay to take inspiration and ideas from these girls.

Health Factors

Strength training provides the human body with many added health factors. It will increase your bone density and muscle mass as well it aids in keeping weight off for longer time periods. It has a very positive effect on your posture, balance, and coordination, and improves your energy. Strength training can translate into day-to-day life in a big way. For example, training your back muscles to be stronger will make it easier to keep your posture nice and tall throughout your day. Done properly, the form you use for exercises in the gym can also be used to avoid injuries when doing stuff such as lifting heavy objects.

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Countless Possibilities

Overall each body will respond differently to the type of training you’re doing. Strength training has countless possibilities and trying it is the only way to see and feel the benefits. As you get further into your fitness journey you’ll find the things that work for you and the things that don’t. The beauty of strength training is that while it has benefits for everyone, each person's training program can be targeted towards their specific goals.

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