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Meet Al Cameron, Bodybuilder who knows what it takes

My name is Al Cameron. I've been using Isagenix since approximately August last year, I love the products. My story behind the products was, I've been a bodybuilder, amateur level bodybuilder for about three years now.

I've tried many different systems. First time I went to the stage I did a lot of carb cycling and stuff. The second time I went to the stage I was introduced to intermittent fasting. The bottom line is Isagenix has completely changed the way that I've decided to view bodybuilding. I watch a good friend of mine Darren Maywood accelerate in bodybuilding and make it look absolutely easy.

You're going to go that hard…

If I was doing my previous methods before, it's not easy. Any bodybuilder out there knows that it's very difficult to get to the stage, it's not for everybody. The methods that we use can be quite strenuous on the body literally almost to passing out sometimes because you want it that bad. You're going to go that hard. I turned around and I watched a very good friend of mine. That I trusted using these products, strictly to get to the stage. But not only once, he did it four times in one year. I had to jump on board, spent a lot of time in the background reading, learning about Isagenix, I love the fact that Isagenix basically just gives you everything.

They've got third-party analysis, they give you an abundance of information and that you probably can't get from other supplements. They have systems that are developed and they developed to work as a system, to work well. I've used them, I went last year, I started with them, and I went to my first competition. Placed in the top three in my competition. I switched from Men's Physique Class Bodybuilding along with doing Men's Physique as well, I placed in the top five in those as well. I went on to provincials at BC camp last year to win the Classic Bodybuilding division to place top five again in Men's Physique and I also competed with my wife in Mixed Pairs, we competed and took second in that as well.

bodybuilder al cameronNational Level Athlete

I'm going to be a National level athlete next year in all three events and it is substantially easier this year using Isagenix. I've used all the systems, Everything from the 30-day system, I used the Amped line, I used the vitamins, I used the NoX and the E-shots, right up till I went on stage. I went into tested competition; I even did a test walking off the stage in my first competition passed with flying colors. The products are sound. They worked, I never had the energy I even gained 4% muscle mastering in my final cut which is absolutely mind-boggling.

It blows most people out of the water. My story with Isagenix is that, it's pretty unique.  I used it to better my status and in the end, I ended up becoming an Isagenix athlete to boot and got rewarded for using the product. The company in itself has done nothing but change my life. I went from having to work really hard to get the results I want to working less and getting better results. The overall friendship and the way that the company has completely engulfed you, you do well and you get recognized by people all over the world not just in your circle of friends.

Las Vegas

Here I am right now 2017 in Las Vegas celebration. I have met so many people in the last couple of days that know me and have recognized me for my accomplishments just in the last year. The company is amazing, I can't believe the recognition and the way that they give back.  They give back to you no matter what you do, where you're at in the company, you could be at the beginning you could be all the way to the top always getting something back in return and that's what Isagenix is to me right now.

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