Yoga — 8 Min Read

Choosing a yoga mat with Yanta Yoga

Yoga — 8 Min Read

Choosing a yoga mat with Yanta Yoga

I met Tanya or better known at Yanta Yoga in May 2019 as we shot 2 – 20 minute follow along yoga sequences on the waterways of Amsterdam. She's a brilliant Yogi and I wanted to share her expertise with you. 

How to choose a yoga mat? This question is asked not only by beginners, but also by more experienced practitioners. The abundance of offers on the market today allows you to buy a rug for every taste, color and budget: from 300 rubles, for a rug of toxic synthetic polymer up to 12 thousand rubles, for a rug made of natural sheep’s wool. Such a range of prices leads beginners to buy a “universal” rug in an ordinary sports store and regret it in their very first lessons: palms and feet move apart or drown in soft rubber so deeply that the teacher’s appeal to balance the three supports in the position of the dog face down is perceived as a provocation. In a word, attention is no longer on the nuances of detuning, but on how not to fall. Is that familiar?

Choosing a mat

No less relevant is the question of choosing a yoga mat for those who continue. When yoga has thoroughly entered your life, everything you need for practice becomes invaluable. Finding the best rug for your home, for regular trips to the gym and for traveling lightly turns into a real challenge! Of course, in most studios there are mats available, but doing it is the same as using someone else's toothbrush or deodorant. Especially in Russia, where after classes in the studio it is not customary to wipe the rugs with a special solution and a paper towel.

In both cases, the choice of rug should be approached with knowledge of the matter: to study the characteristics, read reviews, compare various options and determine the purpose and functionality.

The main tasks that a yoga mat should perform are usually reduced to highly controversial functions in terms of common sense:

  • • to nullify the sliding of the hands and feet and at the same time allow for the execution of probros;
  • • to absorb sweat well and at the same time it is easy to clean;
  • • serve as soft, shock-absorbing and at the same time firm and stable support;
  • • be lightweight and compact enough for travel and at the same time dense, weighty and durable.

When a practitioner determines what is more important for him on this scale of contradictions, the choice of rug comes down to the following criteria:

  • • clutch
  • • absorbent properties
  • • strength (wear resistance)
  • • size (height, width, thickness)
  • • the weight

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