Experience Victoria, BC. Through our eyes.

Our Recent Road Trip to Victoria, BC. Experience it through our eyes. 

We really wanted to make the video about our hometown, Victoria. As exciting and as can be and an experience to watch. All though it's a little slow at times. It can be a lot of fun. So over the Christmas holidays and into January, I made a few trips to Victoria. Some of the time was to see friends and family. But the other time was spent filming everything that I thought would show off my hometown to the world. 

Being a tourist in your own hometown was fun. I got to experience things as a tourist once again. It allowed me to explore and find new nooks and cranny's in the spots that I often overlooked. For instance, heading over on the ferry. Going to the main car deck and shooting the waves. I've taken this ferry so many times that it loses its nostalgic feeling.

There are plenty of ways to head over to Victoria. You can either head over on BC Ferries or you could fly over to the airport which is a 40-minute drive with no traffic into the city of Victoria. (Which is a waste of time) Or even better yet, you could fly harbor to harbor. Vancouver to Victoria on Harbour Air Seaplanes.  So as you can see there are some options. To fly over it only takes about 30 minutes. To ferry over with travel is about 4 hours.

Once you get there, there are a few options from the ferry. Which I took on this trip over. BC Transit is $2.25 each way and you can catch the ferry right outside the ferry terminal. Or you could drive onto the ferry and drive off obviously. But that is about $150 return with car and driver.

It takes about 40 minutes to drive from the ferry terminal to the city of Victoria and about an hour to get into the Inner Harbour. The Inner Harbour is spectacular. It's home to the Parliament Buildings (built by Free Masons, so everything is in the multiples of 3's. Rooms, lights outside, doors, floors. you get the idea) The Fairmont Empress Hotel, The BC Museum, A marina, restaurants, bars, and a lot to do.

Walking Downtown

Once downtown everything is within walking distance. If I mention driving, it's because it would be a long hour or two walk. But downtown to china town. Is literally a 15-20 minute walk. So About a 15-minute walk in the opposite direction from the Inner Harbour is Beacon Hill Park. It's a quite large park filled with all sorts of birds. Peacocks and ducks to just name a few. When I went the ponds were frozen, but if you go in the summer there is a Petting Zoo for the kids, par 3-pitch & putt golf, lawn bowling and many activities in the Inner Harbour as well.

A short drive (As everything is a short drive in Victoria) to Oak Bay, and you will come across Gonzales Beach, Gonzales Point, The Uplands (housing for the stupidly rich), The Oak Bay Beach Hotel, and the Oak Bay Marina. At the time of this video, it was quite windy and hard to film as there wasn't much traffic to show you this area of town. But Gonzales Beach and Pointe are featured and are beautiful sights in the winter or summer months.

If you decide to head back into town you could head into the oldest China Town in Canada. At the entrance gate there sit 2 giant dragons. They are holding time capsules that were put there in the 1980's and will be re-opened in the 2080's. Also when you go to China town, walk down about halfway to Fan Tan Alley. It's quite narrow, filled with shops and featured in our monthly video.

Here is our video, please let us know what you think.


(If you would like to watch this video on Youtube you can HERE)

If you have any questions about Victoria. I would be the person to ask, so please feel free to get in contact. I'll help where I can.

To find my friend LISA, who is featured in the video:



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