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Yes, that's right, we're giving you two chances to win in this Giveaway. It's really quite simple. We're trying to find new traffic by increasing awareness. It's not rocket science. Most people have a Facebook Page and if you don't have a Youtube page, maybe this is your time to sign up.

Simply go to our Youtube page HERE.  Then find this video. Simply comment on the video, this gives you an official entry. We're asking people what they would do with $75 US. It could be a few tanks of gas. Or in a country like Thailand, it could go quite the distance. So tell us, what you would do with the money?

On Facebook, it's quite easy as well go LIKE the page, comment by @ (Tagging your BFF) and again mention what you would do with the money.

Then at 5 pm Pacific Time on March 21st. The first official day of spring. I will announce a winner through the “Random Comment Picker for FACEBOOK & YOUTUBE”, but like I said my parameters are easy. If you've only liked or commented, the robot won't pick that up. You have to do both.

2 chances to win $100 CANADIAN, or $75 US.

I will PAYPAL wire the money to the winners. I will announce the winners through a screen share of how the app picks the winners. The app also determines how many entries one person can do. So no cheaters!

On March 21st at 5 pm, Pacific time, I will announce the winners LIVE!

To watch the GIVEAWAY video here:


In the meantime, if you'd like to practice your TRX techniques while you wait for the 21st to come and go. After all, the 21st is the first day of spring, and that means that summer is almost here. Go Check out our most recent Exercise video  HERE

But we also plan to do some travel soon and we're looking for suggestions. Do you live outside of Canada? Maybe somewhere warm? I'd love to do a travel video with you. This is our most recent travel video in Beautiful Victoria, BC

Thank you for watching and reading. Good Luck to everyone!

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