Mindful Mindset Exercises around Fitness

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Mindful Mindset Exercises around Fitness

It is now common knowledge that being active throughout the day is one of the key factors to optimal health.  It is also common knowledge that, with our technological advances, our daily physical activity has decreased.  This leaves us knowing we must bring more physical activity into our lives, and, at the same time, creates many more unanswered questions!  Our intentions are good: we want to start, but how and with what and for how long?  We are inundated with information telling us this exercise is the best, while another tells us why it isn’t.  We see and hear about friends and colleagues who work out two to four hours a day. Or who run 10mile runs for fun all swearing that their strategy is the best.  The truth is, they are all correct because it is the best routine that works for them.

The true key to proper fitness

The true key to proper fitness is to find an activity that you love.  When you do an activity that you enjoy, it promotes consistency. Consistency is the key to life-long physical health.  When are involved in an activity that you enjoy, even the “work” part of that activity changes from being daunting to inspiring.  Starting out any new form of exercise will feel difficult at first and will require a mental push to keep going. But when you find the right exercise for you, you will want to keep going and keep pushing.  You will naturally begin to set performance goals for yourself.   Your focus will shift from “Uuuggghhhh I have to do this because it’s good for me but I truly want to be doing anything but” to “Well that was tough, but I wonder how much more I could do next time!”. 

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How do you find that one activity that you love to do when you haven’t been doing anything now?  Start by thinking back to when you were a kid.  What physical activity did you love to do back then?  Was there something that you could spend the whole day doing while losing all track of time?  How about now? Is there something that you see others doing that peaks your interest?

Mindset Exercise Part 2

The second step would be to try.  There is truth behind the old adage “You don’t know until you try”.  Many businesses now offer free trials to experience the activity before committing.  Are you afraid to try it alone?  Ask a friend or family member for support and to come join you.  Hire a professional such as a personal trainer or health coach to help guide you to the right activity for you.  Many times we are our own worst enemy and convince ourselves we can’t do something before we even give it a chance.  However, the moment we overcome that negative self-talk, we are surprised to find out that we not only can do it but love doing it too. It's all in a mindset adjustment.

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Eliminate the pressure you put on yourself from knowing you MUST do 30 minutes of exercise a day.  Start by focusing on finding an activity you enjoy doing.  By changing the focus from doing something you MUST do, to doing something you LOVE doing you will, in turn, ensure consistency and a healthy long-term lifestyle change.  Before you know it, you will far surpass that 30-minute time frame that initially seemed so daunting.  Being mindful of what you love to do will go a long way to getting you to all of your health and fitness goals!

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