MMA Fighter, His Conditioning and Recovery Secret.

MMA Fighter

This MMA Fighter has his conditioning set in. 

We met Cameron through a friend and she was telling me that he had an awesome story targeted at the Performance line that we use. He's in MMA or Mixed Martial Arts. He talks a little bit about how these products give him an incredible recovery and stamina. We tried filming outside while it was snowing to make it more impactful. But we just got the flowing river in the background. So that is what the noise it. 

I'm Cameron.

I've been using Isagenix for about a year now and I was introduced by my now very good friend Katrina. First, we met at a networking event and I was there for my own business and I had no interest in supplementation. It wasn't even on my mind. When Katrina brought it up I was very skeptical. I was at a time, eating whole foods and I wasn't taking any kind of supplements.

Former Tennis Player

I thought I had my nutrition nailed in as I've been in sports all my life, really. At age 7, I started playing tennis and I competed nationally as well until I got a knee injury. I rehabilitated myself and after that, I got into combat sports. Then I began seriously training in MMA or Mixed Martial Arts. It's really important in those kinds of combat sports that keep your weight under control. I was constantly trying different methods for maintaining my weight or gaining lean. Being pound-for-pound as strong as I could.

The Events

The one thing the various methods had in common was the preparation and the difficulty to be consistent with them. Eventually, I realized that I wasn't learning anymore and after looking into Isagenix. I attended one of the events and I realized, that there was something about the energy in the room. The people, the ambiance and if I had closed my mind to it and didn't look into. I was declining the opportunities for learning, which is what I prided myself on.

Intermittent Fasting

I began trying the products. I especially like the inclusion of cleansing or as I knew it before, intermittent fasting. That was one of the keys I found in maintaining my weight, allowing me to gain strength and muscle while keeping my body fat low. As I mentioned, it's important for MMA. Now having been on the products for 12 months. Well, I knew within the first couple of months that it was making a huge difference to my training.

Recovery & Results

I was more efficient, I was recovering a lot faster and, most importantly, I was stressing zero about nutrition. I found that they've been invaluable in my learning process and 12 months down the line I don't see stopping the products and encourage everyone to try them for themselves. Don't take my word for it, give them a try and see what happens in your training.

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