The Muscle Up in 5 Easy Steps

Muscle Up step by step

The Muscle Up in 5 Easy Steps

We've heard and seen a lot of tutorials on Youtube, explaining easy steps to complete the Muscle Up.  But what we aren't seeing. is something for the beginner or novice in the gym. So we're going to break this down, step by step. So you can build up enough strength to complete this exercise and anything like it. This video is featuring a special guest, Fitness Enthusiast Nicole Erika Wong.

Nicole Wong Muscle Up

This was one of the first exercises that we broke down. After shooting this and getting back home. We realized that the GoPro 3 was pixelated. So we upgraded right after this video. Plus we added a new mic as well. This is one of the videos with the new equipment. HERE

  1. The Kipping Technique:

    Make sure you're fully supported. (Something is below your feet) In this step, you're going to get the hang of the movement. Lean your chest Forward while holding onto the bar firmly. You're basically swaying back and forth. For more info on the Kipping Technique HERE. Focus on engaging your core. Pulling your legs forward, hips back. Then hips forward and your legs back. This will complete your swing needed for the starting movement.

  2. Using A Resistance Band to help you lift Chest to Bar:

    Depending on your strength, you may need a bigger band or a smaller band. Referring back to the first technique. Place a foot in the resistance band, start swaying forward then lifting yourself up, so your chest goes to the bar on the backward movement. Forward, Back, Chest Up.

  3. Lose the bar

    . 5 reps maximum.

  4. First Step:Standing on a box. Lift yourself up above the bar. Make sure you're quite comfortable with your dips and tricep strength. You don't want to be up there and you can't get back down. If your tricep strength isn't very strong. Work on your dips.Second Step:

    Lower yourself. Chest to the Bar.Third Step:

    Allow yourself to swing out of it.

  5. The Muscle Up:     Putting it all together. Now, this may take some of you a week, but it may take some of you a lot longer. Take your time. Practice makes perfect. Never Give Up

If you have any trouble with this, reach out. We're here to help. But in the meantime, Watch the video. It will make a lot more sense.

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Nicole Wong Muscle Up

To Find ☆Nicole Erika Wong

Everything is shot with:
2- GO Pro Hero 5's
Go Pro Karma Grip
Blue Yeti Professional Microphone
Edited with Final Cut Pro

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