Runner turned Triathlete & Life coach – How She Lost Some Weight and Feels Great

Runner Natasha

Runner turned Triathlete & Life Coach 

I'm Natasha Wiebe. Before Isagenix I had just recently started a new job where I was sitting a lot more than my previous one. My clothes were fitting me differently. I was frustrated because I was working full-time there, full-time hours on my business. Plus I didn't have the time or the energy to create proper meals. I was just feeling really out of sync with my habits. With Isagenix I was able to turn that around. I dropped 6.8 pounds and 7.5 inches in the first month. The second month I dropped two more pounds and another 7.5 inches.

Really loved seeing where my body composition was changing. It was a huge motivator, my energy, my partner at the time. Their energy completely shifted, so they were able to help out with more of the household chores and dinner, it really saved us. Now because of Isagenix I am just constantly growing myself personally and getting to meet and interact with these amazing individuals. It's just constantly blasting any limiting place I have in myself.

Never classified myself as a runner, then within a couple of months of starting Isagenix, I busted a 10K run out of nowhere. That was my goal for three years previously. Then after that in my second nice body challenge, it was a half-marathon. Then two days before my first Isa anniversary, I completed a full-standard distance practice triathlon. This company and this culture, the people really help support and encourage you to be whoever you want to be, not whoever you think you could be.

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