Running the Whistler Half Marathon | 2018 Recap Video

Olympic Rings Whistler
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Running through Mountains, Past Lakes, and into Whistler | Whistler Half Marathon

Running in this year's Whistler Half Marathon, was something that I had my eye on for a while. I heard some people talking about how hilly it was. So I thought it was a great challenge to set my eyes on.

Time to Rest up

So with only 6 days rest from the Oak Bay Half, I got back to Vancouver and rested as much as I could. Except from all the running, my left calve was extremely tense and sore. I had just run a personal best and sprinted for the last 2 or 3 kilometers. I was paying for it. 3 Days had gone by, I felt ok, went to baseball, only to trip over 3rd base. Now my right hamstring was tense. Baseball was my only form of exercise the week before the Whistler Half. I was nervous, to say the least.

Race Day

running Olympic Rings Whistler

Fast forward to race day, we left Vancouver around 5 am. Got to Whistler at around 6:20 am. The race started at 7:50 am. The nerves were kicking in. But the people were pumped about being there. It wasn't a huge race. Around 1000 runners in the half marathon. Overall this race was very organized for being a smaller race. Dj's were playing your favorite tunes to get your blood flowing. The countdown had started, The air horn sounded and off we went.

All I can say is the race wasn't as bad as I had heard. In my interview with Dave Clarke, Race Director. He mentioned that there was about a 250m elevation gain. 3 Kilometers in your legs were tested. Up Blueberry Hill. But nothing too bad. The rest of the race had its ups and downs. But nothing like I was expecting. My North Vancouver training had helped me a lot.

Whats Included

Overall the race was beautiful. The video shows that. Wildlife, giant trees, alpine lakes, surrounding world-class ski and snowboard mountains. This race had everything if you like the great outdoors. Plus along the way, there were all sorts of small details that really made this race one of my favorites so far. From a guy on the trumpet to Clif Blocks for energy to help you pull through. The race shirt was a North Face shirt, which was available in many different colors. Even the medal's at the end had their very own twist. A square piece of art work. Literally, the swag on this race was in a league of its own.

This race marks the 3rd race in just over a month. For the other videos: Oak Bay Half  &  The BMO Vancouver Half

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Next up, is possibly the Tofino Half. Who knows, we'll see if I can make it over there.