Thomas Baxter, Personal Trainer & RMT teaches you everything TRX

Thomas is the face behind all of the past TRX exercises that we have released thus far. So we only found it fitting to do a video introduction into just, Who is Thomas Baxter?

Personal TrainerThomas has been a Personal Trainer for nearly 10 years now. He received his degree in Fitness and Personal Training back in 2011. Since 2011, Thomas has taken a lot of training himself to better his education to assist others, so they can not only perform at the best possible level but also feel their best as well.

Some of the achievements in education, regarding personal training, are a NASM – CET, which is a Corrective Exercise Specialist. He's also a TRX Suspension trainer & Rip Trainer, certified trainer. As well in just a few short weeks, he will have passed his certification to become a Registered Massage Therapist at the Vancouver School of Massage Therapy.
In his spare time, you can see Thomas and I, at the local Obstacle Course Races. OCR for short. Tough Mudder & Rugged Maniac, to name a few. Thomas has placed in the top 10 of Tough Mudder in 2013, as well he just completed his first Half Marathon in Maui, last year.

Thomas trains in Langley, BC, at Ora Fitness & Yoga, when he isn't in school. He also owns a personal training service called  Baxter’s Body Balance. The name

says it all. They believe in inspiring and impacting others, through openly sharing our knowledge & education on how to lead a ‘balanced LIFE’ today. They integrate movement, massage therapy, super-food nutrition and performance coaching to bring one’s body into optimum balance. Their mission is:  “Together we aspire to learn, TRX one leg squatgrow, and lead with honesty and love to create a positive impact on this earth! ” #leadwithLOVE

Thomas' ‘LIFE’ Acronym:

Loving Listening & Learning (& some heavy Lifting)!
Intentionally Impacting & Inspiring others,
Focused on Fitness Freedom Family & Faith; feeling
Enthusiasm Excitement and Encouragement each day, to live a life of EXCELLENCE in every aspect of YOU! #FREE2beME

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