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Road Trip to Tofino and Area

Around Christmas time we did a road trip to Vancouver Island, visiting Victoria, which you saw in my previous video HERE. But that was only half of the trip, after that we headed further up the island to my brother's house in Qualicum Beach, and then onto Tofino with my mom. The first time I've been to Tofino and it was great to do it with my mom, none the less.

Christmas day

On Christmas day the roads were empty. That was probably because they were covered in fresh powder. Usually, on the west coast, people hide when it snows. Versus its counterpart on the east coast, people are used to much colder temperatures and it's more of just a way of life.

So the drive was a little tough because it seemed like even the snow plows had the day off. It took a little longer than expected, but it made for a beautiful drive, being able to stop off at a few places and take some photos for my Instagram. HERE

I arrived in Qualicum Beach, safe and sound. The kids had already dove into their new toys and didn't want to pay attention to Uncle Jesse, all that much. They were a little distracted, to say the least. I had mentioned to my mom when I arrived that I would like to explore more. She couldn't agree more and asked if she could come as well. But just to Tofino.

Boxing Day

So on Boxing Day, I headed straight up the island to Campbell River. The roads were still covered in snow, so I went slow. When you arrive in Campbell River, it's a small town with no shortage of tire stores, service shops, and gas stations.  So I filled up and went on my merry way. A 15-minute drive to the West, you come up to the entrance of Elk Falls.

It was pretty cool to be the only car and only person out there. The only tracks were my own. With some fresh powdery snow falling. Another 15-minute or so walk along the trail, over a bridge, along the fence line, you come to a massive waterfall. It was epic, to say the least. There was a suspension bridge, connecting one side to the other. Probably a 200-foot drop and the mist from the waterfall was making it hard to take great photos or videos. But you got the point.

I stayed for about 15 minutes, I had what I needed and was pretty happy with how this was working so far. Excited that I was able to add a giant waterfall to this video. So I went on my way, another hour and a half drive, brought me to the Strathcona Park Lodge. It's nothing spectacular but was just the right size, and the customer service was awesome. I simply asked for epic. She said, if you keep going in the direction that you're going, you'll find Myra Falls. So if you want epic that is where you should go.

Myra Falls

The drive to Myra Falls was beautiful, along a lake, snow-crusted trees, the roads hadn't been plowed, it was a complete winter wonderland out here. It took me about another hour, and it's a hidden driveaway in towards the parking lot. The driving conditions weren't ideal. So it made, the entrance a little difficult to find. But I did. Parked and kept on my journey. I was focused to see epic. Although the only tracks were my own and maybe what looked like a large deer.

When I got to Myra Falls, after a tricky icy trail, that wasn't well marked with the tree branches hanging from the heavy snow. Epic is what I was looking for, and also what I had found. Myra Falls is a series of about 6 to 8 different waterfalls, all leading into pools. Id love to see what it looks like in the summer months. As everything was covered in snow. But it was spectacular just the way it was. Looked like a movie set. It didn't look real at all. Kind of magical. So pristine and untouched.


The next day, my mom and I went to Tofino. It's about a 2-hour drive from Qualicum Beach. 2.5 hours if you're coming from Nanaimo. The drive was s little slow in sections, due to the road conditions. But we made it to Tofino in a decent time. It was time to see what all the hype was about.

The very first beach we went to, the tide was coming in. I don't know what got into my mom, but she was a little excited. A little too excited, I think. She ran out to the ocean, then kind of just stood there, taking it all in. While I watched, the waves came back in, covering everything below her knee in water. Also, we're in Tofino in December, so it's not exactly warm either.

Thank god, I had extra socks and another Arcteryx jacket in my car. She was now a little more prepared. So with a few plastic bags, new socks, and a top-notch rain jacket. We were prepared to hit some more beaches. We drove into the town of Tofino. Grabbed a coffee at the most amazing little coffee shop, Rhino Coffee, and I had to check out Storm Surf Shop, which was right next door. Those guys are awesome and I would suggest you stop off at both, Rhino and Storm the next time you're in Tofino.

Wikkininish Beach

We carried on to find some epic time-lapse videos at Wikkininish Beach, then onto to Uculet. Ucuclet has a trail, that you can walk along that is highly recommended. I can't think of the name. But Pacific West Trail rings a bell. But don't quote me on it. The trees were bent like corkscrews from the wind. Here you will find a lot of different viewpoints to view crashing waves against the rocks. It's a must if you are in the area. It connects to a Lighthouse that specifically tells you to stay off the rocks. But when your there and the rocks looked like this. The guidelines kinda went out the window. Plus when everyone else was doing it. Why not right?

So after our trip to Tofino and Uculet, I would suggest it to anyone. Actually, we're planning a trip in August with a few friends.

In order to get to and from the island, you can either fly or take the BC Ferries. You can drive right on to the ferry, Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay. It costs about $70 for car and driver each way. But it's worth it if you include where I went within this video.

Any questions, please feel free to reach out as always.

Our next video, next month, we adventure through the trails of what Vancouver has to offer. In the snow.

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