Video Tutorial – 4 Best TRX Chest Exercises for Athletes

4 Best TRX Chest Exercises for Athletes- Video Tutorial    

After many requests to inspire you guys and gals, with some TRX chest workouts. Here we are. Responding with a series of very impactful chest exercises. Although these exercises are a little more advanced. We hope that they will show you what's capable if you practice, practice, practice.

In celebration of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, we thought we would show you some athlete training or advanced TRX chest exercises.  These exercises are more targeted towards explosive power, then endurance exercises. If you're wanting that extra edge on the field, court or rink. This workout will give you that. Chest exercises are based on the push concept.

So enough talking, let's describe this week's exercises. I've attached photos so you have a better reference point to each exercise. But remember if you want to follow along to what Thomas is showing you, its best to maybe watch the video first then maybe read the description so your not stopping then starting again.

Also, remember any issues or questions just please feel free to reach out.

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  1. TRX Chest Fly's: Feet shoulder width apart. Core engaged. Come down to about a 30-degree angle. Watch your speed. You want to go slow to feel the burn.
  2. 4 best trx chest exercisesTRX Standing Push-Up: First off, if you wanted to stand straight up. With the TRX cables secure. Place your hands together as tight as you can. Push out and back in. *Remember as tight as you can outwards and inwards. A progression is to put yourself on a side angle and do this. Repeat on the other side.
  3. 4 best trx chestPush-up Plyo's: Feet in the straps. Hands on the ground. If you want to start with just the pushup you can. Make sure your core is engaged. The progression is you can clap in the middle or tuck your knees and slap your knees. Make sure to do this quickly or this could get ugly.
  4. trx chest plyoA variation of the 2nd exercise: A great exercise that you can do anywhere. It really helps the burn after any workout, minus the TRX cables.



With this workout try to get to 12-15 repetitions on each side. If you can't do it it's ok. If you can break. Repeat. Practice makes perfect. As with all workouts, make sure to warm up beforehand. Listen to your body and modify as needed, stopping altogether if something doesn’t feel right.

This is the old version posted back in 2010, featured on TRX's website  HERE:

TRX Chest and Core Workout

Fraser Quelch is Director of Training and Development for TRX. An expert in functional training and endurance athletics, Fraser has presented at events worldwide and is featured in numerous fitness DVDs. Fraser holds a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and in 2011 was named co-recipient of IDEA's Program Director of the Year award and Canfitpro's Specialty Presenter of the Year in 2012.

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