Video of The BMO Vancouver Half Marathon 2018

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The Vancouver Half Marathon 2018 Video

This past weekend I ran in the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon, with a Personal best time. This video recaps the entire race from start to finish.

My goals in life are to show people what life is like with a healthy transformation. This transformation doesn't just have to be a physical transformation, but it could be the smallest mental one. Then compounded over time to create a healthy mindset to a healthier lifestyle.

I found my inspiration to document my journey's from a guy on youtube named Ryan Van Duzer. His Youtube Channel is HERE. I was searching for a Burning Man video to show to a friend and stumbled across his inspirational videos. This guy is crazy. But crazy in a great way. He runs Ultra Half Marathons before Burning Man. His videography was very inspirational, that I thought I should do the same.

Besides it being a beautiful race with a lot of upbeat people, fresh air and the energy of it all. There were a few bottlenecks. Maybe solved by deeper wait times between corrals. But I'm no expert. All in all, it was a great race.

Fentessa Swimwear

I mention in the video my pregame mindset. I was between a rock and a hard place the night before. My friend Cami Rush and her sister were having their annual fashion show for their swimwear line. Friday night we had confirmed times for me to show up and help with the hair. You see I'm a hairstylist in the Film Industry most of the time. When I say help, I didn't expect to do 16 of the 18 girls. But I'm game for anything that comes my way. I put my head down, met some beautiful people, inside and out. Left before the show though. As I had to be up early to run the race. I heard the show was great! Waiting for the photos! Congratulations Cami. Here swimwear line can be found HERE.

Pre Run Meal Plan

I also mention my pregame meals. (It's pretty easy to follow) It's not rocket Science, I don't add this and subtract this. I simply follow the system, the way it was designed.

vancouver half marathon

By athletes, for athletes. A shake in the morning, a meal replacement with 24 grams of protein. I usually have coffee, but before a run, I find I'm hitting toilet sooner then I want to. 45 minutes before game time. I drink NOX, as seen in the video. 45 mins into the race, (about the 8km mark) I took Amped Fuel. Its a blend of BCAA's and clean carbohydrates. It really helps with giving you new legs during a long race.

I mention in the video that I had electrolytes in water. That was Amped Hydrate, which was also in my Camelbak backpack.

When I got home, 45 Minutes after the race I cooked my celebratory Protein Pancake. It literally tastes like a cookie. It's made with 2 scoops of Isalean Peach Mango Protein Powder (meal replacement) mixed with 250ml egg whites, topped with anything you want. I chose a protein soy peanut butter. It packs a punch at around 36 grams of protein, not very many carbs and a great treat that's low in sugar.

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